Our accreditations and awards

Snowbility is registered with Ofsted as a childcare provider which allows you to use vouchers in part-payment of snow sports lessons.

Carers’ Passport
Snowbility is registered with the Carers’ Passport Discount Card which provides valued financial support through the savings, services and business offers that Carers in Hertfordshire have secured for Registered Carers.  It also helps carers feel recognised and valued, giving a real sense of identity with their photo card.

Excellence in Sports Tutoring Services
Snowbility has been recognised by the Healthcare and Life Sciences award panel for their innovative and exciting answer to social care and their proven ability to achieve results. They are the first company of their kind to win the award in two consecutive years.

Governing Bodies
Snowbility is registered with The Ski Club of Great Britain and Snow Sports England.

National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)
Snowbility is registered with the NDCS as a provider of services to deaf children.


Snowsport England Disability Coach
Snowbility won this award as being recognised by Snowsport England for coaching and teaching students with disabilities and additional needs.

The Children’s University
Snowbility is registered with the Children’s University as a provider of snow sports services for their passport programme, in which children collect stamps and hours of accredited learning. This contributes to the award of a certificate, encouraging them to access Children’s University provision and a wide range of other worthwhile out-of-school-hours learning opportunities.

The National Autistic Society (NAS)
Snowbility is the first of its kind to receive Accreditation Status and Commendation from the NAS. The two-year process identified that our instructors and coaches are highly skilled in understanding the specific needs of autistic students, and can use this intuition to then build highly successful communication and teaching programmes.