Amazing results ! Highly recommend.

Our young girls thoroughly enjoyed their first lesson with Leslie.
Amazing to see them coming down the nursery slope within 10 minutes of being outside .
Leslie was warm and friendly and made the lesson good fun, giving clear instructions and praise.
Highly recommend!

Poppy On 29/07/2022


My son is 4 and autistic. He took to Richard, a total stranger straight away. Oliver in his own special way, showed he loved it. I can't wait to book again!

Steven On 25/07/2022


A huge Thank You to Richard for making this experience for our daughter, such fun and so positive. My husband and I watched with delight, as we could see our daughter's face beaming with enjoyment throughout her ski session. She was not feeling confident before she started, but we could see her gaining hugely in confidence and significant skills under Richard's, calm and patient, expert guidance. He listened carefully to her during the session, constantly reassuring, and responded with caring and knowledgeable support. Thank you Richard, Ellie can't wait to come again!

Clare A On 23/07/2022

First Experience - what an amazing start

Richard had the perfect combination of encouragement and patience. My son felt secure and excited the whole time and enthused about this intro session after even planning his next one. He is not normally like this after trying any new activity . Definitely recommend to anyone who struggles with new situations confidence, anxiety or has special educational needs. Plan to continue and recommend to others looking for disability support and keen to get active in snow sports.

Michelle On 25/06/2022


A really thoughtful and caring company / experience who could not do enough for us.

Deb On 24/06/2022

Great experience and it was fun, I’m signing up for another session.

It was a surprise gift for the kids, they have never tried outdoor snow sports and we have to say that they have given each kids an individual care and time before hitting the slopes and showing around to making them feel safe and excited. We were pleasantly surprised how much the kids enjoyed the experience and how high they went on the slope.

D On 20/06/2022

Great Instructor

Amazing instructor, boys had never skiied before, within an hour was coming down from the top, would definitely recommend and do again

CLads On 02/06/2022

Amazing company

Richard was amazing. He was on time, helpful before the start of the session. We were a little early before our start time and he said he can start a little early it’s fine. So we got more for our money well spent. That’s not what they are there for I can see. Money is not everything to them. It’s about the passion he has to teach and that has no limits. He gives his all. I have not seen my son progress so quick on skis then I did on his first session with Richard. My son has autism he had over 10 private lessons with a snow centre and did not progress. When I heard about snowbility I said this might be the answer to get my son the correct instructor. I would not hesitate to recommend snowbility.
Well done for setting up this company to help people who need it.

Levi Degroen On 16/05/2022

Our first session couldn’t have gone any better with Richard!

My 4year old son had his first snow experience with Richard today and it couldn’t have gone any better. Richard knew exactly how to talk with my son and he was smiling and happy throughout the lesson. As a constantly worrying mum with mixed experiences and understanding from other activities I was so happy to see my son enjoy his first ski lesson and as soon as we got back in the car he asked when we were going back!

Jenny Cherry On 06/05/2022


Excellent experience, the instructor was very patient and helpful and my daughter loved her lesson, I was impressed how well she did.

Annie On 30/04/2022