Working with Snowbility had a direct impact on James’ wellbeing

A typical Snowbility student is James, a young man in his late twenties, who has a mixture of health and learning issues that led him to need daily one-on-one care. Leaving the safety of his own home for a public place creates significant anxiety, with social and communication skills being a constant struggle for him.

Working with Snowbility at The Snow Centre over several years has seen a marked improvement in James’ ability to ski, developing his physical fitness and demonstrating skills that far exceeded expectations. But just as important, are the improvements to his psychological well-being, with a reduction in his levels of anxiety and a greatly improved ability to communicate after his lessons.

“These skills are so valuable to his development,” said his mother Helen, who is his primary carer. “The improvements to his verbal and communication skills and ability to tolerate others, has made a real difference. Working with Richard and the Snowbility team, has not only enabled James to learn a new skill, but has also had a direct impact on his physical and emotional well-being.”