Our lessons

Learning to ski and snowboard on real snow

We offer one-to-one ski and snowboard coaching to people with additional needs and mental health challenges.  Our lessons take place at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and SnowDome in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Times, prices and equipment

Lesson length: Each session lasts for one hour which is the ideal length of time for each student to gain maximum benefits.

Lesson price: The cost of each lesson is available on application and this includes all of the necessary equipment and clothing required.

Lesson times: The Snow Centre is open seven days a week and we endeavour to schedule the teaching sessions to suit the preferred time for each student.

Building a bond between the student and their coach

We understand the importance of students being able to build a relationship and form a bond with their instructor, so we aim to consistently allocate the same coach for each lesson.  On some occasions, our one-on-one sessions are either combined or replaced with friends and family sessions, depending on the individual needs of our students.  The lessons take place alongside others using the slopes, as integrating our students with regular skiers and snowboarders can be a real confidence boost.

Lesson structure

Our lesson structure is based on a clear progression, from sensory sessions relating to the environment, discovery sessions based around the equipment, clothing and primary skiing skills, all the way through to advanced skiing abilities.  The key ethos is fun, skills development and maximum class activity.

Helping every student achieve their own personal goals

We work in partnership with our students, their families, carers and other health and social care professionals to develop a personalised programme centred round the needs of each individual.  Our ethos is to deliver a culture of inclusion at all levels of skiing and snowboarding, so that our students are respected and valued for the fantastic contribution they give to the sport.

By following a carefully designed orientation and de-sensitising programme for all our students, we can help them engage and fully understand the concept of skiing and snowboarding.  Each student is able to work at a pace and level appropriate to their needs in a fun, exciting and relaxed environment that feels comfortable and safe.

Educational certificates

Recognition and rewards for achievement enable our students to aim for their own personal goals to increase motivation and improve self-confidence.   Our Ski and Snowboard Pass scheme is a step-by-step programme that awards our students with educational certificates and achievement badges, encouraging them to develop and gain new skills.

The programme aims to identify the progression our student is making, with a particular focus on how they can be supported to overcome initial fears or deal with any sensory issues.  This method helps to build their confidence, firstly in the environment of The Snow Centre and SnowDome, followed by the equipment that we use and the people they will meet, from our reception team and rental staff to the slope patrollers.  Each of these areas is equally important in helping to build the confidence of every student.