The medal room

Recognition and rewards for achievement enable our students to aim for their own personal goals. This helps to develop their confidence and self-esteem, whilst inspiring their family and friends. Our ski and snowboard pass scheme awards our students with educational certificates and achievement badges, encouraging them to develop and gain new skills. All our awards take into account the physical and mental wellbeing of each student.

Endeavour award

For those students who find snow sports particularly challenging and demanding at any skill level, and take those challenges as a target to strive for.

Achievement award

A series of snowplough and basic mountain skill sessions from the top of the main slope.

A series of steering and basic mountain skill activities from the top of the main slope.

Performance award

A series of plough parallel, parallel and mountain skill sessions, to a high performance level.

A series of steering, switch and mountain skill activities, to a high performance level.

Inspiration award

As Gene Cernan, the last person to step foot on the moon, said, “Don’t ever count yourself out, you’ll never know how good you are unless you try. Dream the impossible and go out and make it happen. I walked on the moon, what can you do?”