What we do for parents and carers

Enhanced family life

Learning to ski or snowboard will not only benefit our students in the development of their own life skills, it will ultimately enhance their family, school and social environments.

When we’re teaching a student, we encourage the participation of a family member, carer or sibling to join the class, when appropriate. This is an opportunity for each student to share and be proud of their new skills with the important people in their lives, which ultimately increases their confidence and self-esteem.

Eventually, the newfound skills can be taken beyond The Snow Centre and the SnowDome to family holidays in the mountains, enjoying a life-changing experience together, surrounded by miles of snow and breath-taking scenery.

Connecting with other parents and carers

We encourage parents and carers to interact together to build a community for our students and their loved ones. Once you join Snowbility, you have the opportunity to connect through our private Facebook page so that you can chat, support each other and get together if you wish. Click here to send a request to join.