What we do for students

Incredible benefits for every student

We are completely committed to teaching skiing and snowboarding to individuals with additional needs and mental health challenges. Our team of fully qualified ski and snowboard instructors has the knowledge, experience and passion to provide tailor-made coaching for a wide range of complex physical, psychological and mental health needs, including learning disabilities, autism, dyspraxia and deafness.

People with additional needs and mental health challenges sometimes find it hard to face new environments, interact with other people or be part of a team, which can cause frustration, anxiety and low self-esteem. Skiing and snowboarding allows our students to learn new skills and progress at their own pace; there are no complex rules, just a repetitive pattern that not only improves fitness and balance, but increases confidence, giving every student an overall sense of achievement and pride.

At Snowbility, everything is about our students; we take the time to understand each personality, enabling their natural abilities and talents to shine through. Students will benefit from a number of newfound skills that can be taken from the slopes to enhance everyday life:

  • Social interaction: The ability to communicate and interact easily with two or more individuals.
  • Self-confidence: Self-belief and increased self-esteem.
  • Concentration: The ability to focus attention on one particular activity.
  • Motor skills: Co-ordination to learn a sequence of movements.
  • Fitness levels, nutrition and diet: Increased fitness and overall health to fulfil a particular activity.
  • Listening skills: The ability to take notice, understand and act on what someone says.
  • Motivation: The desire and willingness to do something with a positive outlook.

Educational certificates and awards

Recognition and rewards for achievement enable our students to aim for their own personal goals to increase motivation and improve self-confidence. Our Ski and Snowboard Pass scheme is a step-by-step programme that awards our students with educational certificates and achievement badges, encouraging them to develop and gain new skills.

The programme aims to identify the progression a student is making, with a particular focus on how they can be supported to overcome initial fears or deal with any sensory issues. This method helps to build their confidence, firstly in the environment of The Snow Centre and the SnowDome, followed by the equipment that we use and the people they will meet, from our reception team and rental staff to the slope patrollers. Each of these areas is equally important in helping to build the confidence of every student.