Highly recommended

I've used Snowbility twice now; once when on a course for Carers and most recently for an individual lesson for our eldest daughter and myself. The instructors are all super friendly, calm and great at explaining the basics and I'd definitely recommend them to everyone!

StephsTwo Girls On 4/12/2018 5:44:24 PM

A team that finally gives me the opportunity to follow my dream of learning to ski

It is so refreshing to find a team that showed no hesitation in taking me out to ski despite my medical complications which have been a barrier for years. The booking process was very simple and efficient. The lesson was amazing, both from a learning and leisurely point of view. My instructor Al was quick to recognise any skills I did have and could therefore pitch the lesson at the right level for me making it productive and good value. \nEveryone I spoke to from Snowbility were very kind and encouraging. I can't wait to return for further lessons.

Yasmin On 4/11/2018 6:54:23 PM


Having traveled from Lincoln with our daughter to seek advise on disability skiing we were totally amazed. In fact I would go as far as to say we were blown away by the kindness, understanding and support we were given. \nMy daughter aged 29 had a skiing accident 12 months ago and broke 3 vertebra in her spine. Having been in a full spinal brace for 6 months then having to learn to walk again has been such a challenge to her and ourselves as parents. Never once has she complained about her injury all she has ever wanted was to get back on a pair of skis. \nThanks to the incredible team Becca was able to overcome her fears. Becca was given so much positive encouragement and support that we were able to get her onto the slope in full skiing gear and and a pair of skis. I can honestly say it’s one of the proudest and most moving moments in my life. Peter the instructor and his wife were so patient and caring a truly amazing couple. They have given us our daughter back to face her next hurdle. Over the next few months we hope to get Becca skiing again with the help and support of this amazing team. \nIf you have any thoughts about giving disability sports a try be assured they are an amazing group of people. Go for it and see what they can do for you!

Cath On 4/9/2018 8:10:09 PM


We had a great first experience with our Son \nLesley was our instructor who was very kind, knowledgeable , understanding & tentative \nOur Son took to the snow very quickly making us so so proud \nFor an Autistic person there is a lot in the ski centre to process , from the acoustics in the building & on the slopes , to the sensory factors of hiring the clothing & walking in his big ski boots \nWhich our Son coped with extremely well \nOur Son enjoyed his experience & we will be booking again

Jorden On 4/9/2018 7:07:58 PM

Ski superstars

For a first skiing lesson it went very well. The instructor was precise and clear which made it easy to understand and follow. \nI had the best time. \nBeing able to understand my additional needs very much helped me to learn.

Brandon On 4/9/2018 9:25:42 AM

My daughter has had a lovely time at snow centre and she wants to come again for another session.

Aneela Wasif On 4/9/2018 9:23:08 AM

Ski lesson

My daughter had a great lesson with Al, she felt really comfortable with him and enjoyed it very much and will be going again. He gave simple instructions which she could understand and was encouraging.

Theresa On 4/8/2018 6:18:25 PM

Thoroughly recommend

Great instructor who took his time to help the children. Nothing was too much for him. My son was very scared but he made him feel confident & now wants to go again.

Lisa Michael On 4/4/2018 11:41:27 PM

Great staff, great lesson

The staff was very well prepared. The lesson structured and great. Students loved it.

Jorge On 3/28/2018 9:31:49 AM

Perfect for our son

Once again, Snowbility did not disappoint. Knowing that our son with autism, ADHD and demand avoidance would be having a lesson with somebody who not only didn't mind his differences, but also had a huge range of techniques to cope with them - priceless. We knew he would be afraid to go up to the top of the main slope even though he was capable of it following our last holiday, but he went up there several times with his instructor! \nOur son really enjoys his Snowbility lessons, and as a result he is far more motivated to listen and pay attention for longer, and so his progress is so much better. \nWe feel so lucky that Snowbility is available for us.

sparklies On 3/18/2018 9:57:22 AM